Esperanza Medrano
  • "Children are our future, and education is one of the key foundations for that future. Once you obtain an education, it can never be taken away from you."  

    - Esperanza "Hope" Medrano

  • Esperanza "Hope" Medrano Biography          

    Esperanza Medrano operated a small neighborhood grocery store near Sam Houston Elementary School. Through this store, she conducted her own community service, sharing an abundance of wisdom and encouragement with the children who stopped in every day after school. As the children would walk into the store, Mrs. Medrano would always ask, "Did you go to school?" or "What did you learn today?" and "Have you finished your homework?" She listened and helped every child and reminded them daily of the importance of education.

    Medrano was born in Mabank, Texas in 1921. She was known to have a quiet and serene demeanor but was also a strong pillar in her family and the surrounding community, motivating all who she encountered. In 1940, she married Francisco "Pancho" Medrano. The couple had five children and they made sure that all of their children finished school. Mrs. Medrano believed in education first and foremost.

    She also believed that everyone must contribute to make a better future. Mrs. Medrano led by example, she established a clothes pantry for children in need of school clothes, gave lunch money to students who did not have any money, and most importantly provided support, words of wisdom and inspiration.  

    The Medrano's instilled in their own children the drive to fulfill their civic duties and continue the struggle for social justice. They have done just that - Robert Medrano is a former Dallas Board of Education trustee, Richardo Medrano is a former Dallas City Council Member and Pauline Medrano is a former Mayor Pro-Tem.