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2016 -17 Common Cents "Pennies from the Heart" Campaign

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           Kick off Reception and FREE Dinner at Mattito's on Oaklawn: October 5
   Collection Dates: October 6 - November 17
Check Presentation and Celebration: February 2017
You can win a trophy for your school!! 
Dallas ISD 2016 Goal "33 in 33"
33 schools to raise $33,000
It's once again time to give from the heart!  

Common Cents "Pennies from the Heart" is a student-driven educational program offered exclusively through Dallas ISD to teach philanthropy by enabling students to play an active role in raising money for their communities.

 This 19 year old program teaches awareness of community needs, involves students in community giving, and promotes community service.   Last year 24 Dallas ISD schools participated in this program and raised over $27,000 for non-profit organizations in the Dallas area.  
Please join us in our efforts to raise $33,000 for local non-profit organization.  
How to get started.
Attend Kick Off Dinner
Receive Welcome Kit and Supplies 
Teach students about giving to others
Collect Money
Make an Impact 
Common Cents is committed to positively impacting lives forever.  Common Cents has watched students become HEROES to our community in leading the charge to give back.  No effort is too small.  No effort is wasted. 
QUESTIONS – Please contact Malia Nix at if you have further questions or need additional materials.