• Principal: Janeen Pantoja / JPantoja@dallasisd.org

    Counselor: Elsie Nungaray / ENungaray@dallasisd.org

    Grade Levels:  PK-5th Grade

    Trustee District and Trustee Name: Edwin Flores, District 1

    School Division/Feeder Pattern: W.T. White Feeder Pattern

    Schools Division 2-W.T. White High School Feeder Pattern

     Executive Director: Melody Cogswell-Paschall


    W.T. White Feeder Pattern Mission Statement

    We will cultivate a premier learning community to foster globally responsive citizens, personalizing instruction for every student. 

    Therefore, we are commited to:

    • Providing access to an equitable and high quality education.
    • Promoting citizens who contribute to the common good.
    • Supporting our students academically, socially, and emotionally.


    PTA Information: PTA meeting dates and times are listed on our calendar.

    Uniform Information:

    • Top: Red or White
    • Bottoms: Navy Blue or Khaki

    Mission: F.P. Caillet will empower all students to become successful citizens and responsible lifelong learners. 

    Vision:  F.P. Caillet seeks to be a premier urban elementary school within Dallas ISD

    Core Beliefs: 

    • Learning is our fundamental reason for being here
    • Problem solving should permeate all content
    • Students should love learning
    • Students should leave here on track for a successful career in college or business 

    School Colors: Red and White

    Mascot: Tiger