• Volunteering at Anne Frank

    Volunteering one hour a week can improve a child's future success at school and in life!  


    If you are interested in volunteering we would love to see you at Anne Frank!

    Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to:

    • Working in the Learning Garden
    1. Helping out on Tuesdays during the school day with routine garden chores like weeding, watering, light pruning, pond maintenance, composting, or deadheading flowers.
    2. Helping on monthly Second Saturday work days with the same routine chores, plus larger projects.
    3. Being on the Garden Committee.
    4. We are especially looking for someone good with ponds to give us advice.
    • Tutoring Students in Reading
    • Tutoring Students in Math 
    Please click on the link to the left for the volunteer application and/or contact:
    Melissa Quirk
    Anne Frank Parent/Community Laiason
    or 972-502-5900