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    General Information:
    Frederick Douglass STEM Academy is a Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth Grade (PK-5) school located at 226 North Jim Miller Rd, Dallas, Texas 75217 (Pleasant Grove Area).
    At Frederick Douglass STEM Academy, we are Building CHAMPIONS for LIFE.....
    Education of all students for success.
    Frederick Douglass STEM Academy will empower scholars to achieve academic excellence and develop them to be leaders in a global society.


    Frederick Douglass STEM Academy will make a positive impact in the world by developing innovative leaders, fostering a spirit of excellence, and transforming the hearts and minds of our scholars.  

    Campus Motto:
    Building Champions Everyday With Every Child!
    The Champion's Creed:
    I am a champion.
    I believe in myself.
    I have the will to win.
    I set high goals for myself.
    I surround myself with winners.
    I am cool, positive, and confident.
    I am willing to pay the price of success.
    I love the struggle and the competion.
    I am always relaxed and in control of myself.
    I focus all my energy on the job at hand.
    I take responsibility for all my results.
    I have the courage to endure and persist.
    I vividly imagine what victory will feel like. 
    I am a Champion and I will win!