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                                                   Mr. Shipley, ASP College Advisor

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    What is the College Corner?
    The College Corner is a resource center dedicated to serving Hillcrest High School's students and parents in their college attainment journey. With expert knowledge on the most up-to-date college, scholarship, and financial aid application processes and trends, your ASP College Advisor, Mr. Shipley, is here to help you with all things related to college. Our goal is to eliminate barriers, provide access, and create an open supportive environment for all students at Hillcrest HS.

    Where is the College Corner?

    The College Corner can be found in the front of the Hillcrest Library. Stop by and visit him anytime before, during, and after school!  

    What is ASP? 

    Academic Success Program (ASP) is a Dallas ISD College Access Partner dedicated to building a college-going culture in 15 Dallas ISD high schools.  Mr. Shipley is your ASP College Advisor.  We work with students of all grade levels and their parents to identify the best fit plan as they continue on their path to higher education - whether that be an Ivy League school, a public state university, or a local community college.  For more information, go to www.aspdallas.org 

     The College Corner offers students one-on-one support for:

    • College Admissions
    • Fee Waivers for SAT/ACT and for College Applications
    • Financial Aid
    • Scholarships
    • College Essays
    • Recommendation Letters
    • Selecting Colleges and Building College Lists
    • Selecting a Major or Career
    • Interview Prep and Mock Interviews
    • PSAT/SAT/ACT/TSI Test Prep and Registration
    • College Selection (Public vs. Private Universities)
    • Fly-Out and Summer Programs
    • Internships
    • Enlistment in the Military
    • And much more!

    Applying to College
    The Common Application – Application used for private and out-of-state college and universities. List of schools that use this application is available on the CommonApp website. (www.CommonApp.org)

    Apply Texas – The "common" application used by all Texas public and private colleges and universities. (www.ApplyTexas.org)

    Financial Aid
    • FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid (www.FAFSA.gov)
    • TASFA - Financial Aid Form used by Undocumented Students and Non Pell Eligible Students.
    • Comparing Financial Aid Letters
    • Scholarships

    Meetings with Mr. Shipley

    Schedule a one-on-one meeting with Mr.Shipley to talk about or work on anything related to college (examples: go over your college applications, work on/revise essays, apply for scholarships, talk through college or major(s) choices, get more information on specific schools, help with applying for/understanding financial aid, or ask questions about the application process...anything and everything you can think of! Meetings can be scheduled at 15, 30, 45, or 60-minute increments in the tool below.  Please be on time and bring all necessary materials.  If you know you will be late or will no longer be able to come for your scheduled time, please email Mr. Shipley at TShipley@aspdallas.org