• Ms. Leslie McElroy

    English III

    Educational Philosophy:

    Children and young adults are our future and I believe that teachers have, not only a moral, but professional obligation to mold the minds of these students. My philosophy stems from a long admired saying of “pay it forward” and I believe that as a teacher, I have a responsibility of the outcomes of my student’s lives. If I can influence my students to believe that they are capable of doing anything, then they will thus implement that same thinking in whatever profession they decide to pursue. I believe that the pathways that we set as educators, can be effectively and willingly followed if we care enough to imprint our moralities and life lessons upon the future generations. These students are the future engineers, artists, activists, mathematicians, teachers, writers, scientists, or politicians and they are the ones who inherit our society and community. Making a student believe that they are an individual with ideas and a voice, rather than an anonymous person in a desk, is the most important component to my educational philosophy—that in itself pays it forward. 


    New Mexico State University (Las Cruces, NM)

    BA in English with an Emphasis of Literature Language and Culture with University Distinction Honors

    Quote:  "My name is Leslie Gomez. This is my first year teaching. I am very excited to start my career at such a distinguished and prestigious school. I am from Santa Fe, New Mexico. After graduating from Santa Fe High School, I attended college at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I majored in English and completed an Honor’s Thesis my senior year through the Honor’s College; as a result, I was awarded University Distinction Honors. I had some experience teaching GED and ESL classes at a learning center affiliated with Dona Ana Community College in Las Cruces."

    "I recently moved to Dallas and decided to finally pursue a career in education. I have always loved English and reading novel after novel, and I want to share that passion with my students. I am just a small piece of a huge puzzle at Trinidad Garza, and I am truly honored to have this opportunity to be able to teach a wonderful group of students."