• Gold Standard Project Based Learning

    Gold PBL

    Students are engaged most when they have a hands on learning experience that is rigorous, relevant, exciting, and connected to the real world.  Project-based learning encompasses a holistic approach to teaching and learning.  PBL (Project-Based Learning) is the "Why" and "How" in education.  It tells why are we learning these skills and how does it look in the real world.  Our research has proven that students do grow in the standard skills taught when it is coupled with tangible Gold Standard hands on projects.   Martin Weiss is excited about applying Gold Standard project based learning to all grade levels for 2016-2017.  Each grade level will plan and execute Gold Standard Projects.  We will hold three PBL Exhibitions this year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) , where our students will showcase their projects to teachers, students, parents, and the community. 

    PBL Words
    Grade PBL Project
     PKI Want To Be a Reporter
     KinderIdentifying Safety Rules
     1st & FLS 3
    I Am A Meteorologist!
    2nd & FLS 2
    Citizenship Past and Present
    Uniform Me
    Natural Resources: Where Will We Be Without Them?
    5th & FLS 1
    Gardner's Prize

     To learn more about Gold Standard PBL, click this link  http://www.bie.org/blog/gold_standard_pbl_essential_project_design_elements

    Here is a link to our shared PBL Project Bank folder in the Google Drive.