Ms. Jennifer Belchi



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jennifer Belchi

Hello! My name is Jennifer Belchi and I am the fifth grade bilingual Science teacher at Annie Web Blanton. I was born and raised in Spain where I studied my Bachelors degree in teaching at University of Murcia. I´ve taught for 10 years, 6 in Spain and 4 in Dallas. Since I was very little I´ve always known I wanted to be a teacher and I wanted my students to have fun at school and be so happy to be learning every single day.

I still remember that teacher when I was in middle school that believed in me, that pushed me to pursue my dream and that wouldn´t accept anything but the best from me. I try to be that teacher with my students, I know they have the potential; they just need somebody to push them and to believe that they can do it. I prepare my classes with enthusiasm and give my students nothing but the best. I try for them to feel that we are a family, and we all care for each other, and that together we can change the world.

I proudly represent the house of Kennis. Kennis is the perfect house for me because it represents knowledge. Having the knowledge, being a skilled teacher that provides the best education for her students has always been my goal that´s why I am always looking for new ways to engage my students, to guarantee that my lessons are going to be memorable and that after they finish elementary they will be prepared to succeed in their future education and achieve whatever dream they wish for.