• Parent Involvement Policy 2020-2021

    A strong home-school connection is critical for the positive achievement of students at Nancy J. Cochran Elementary School. We are committed to open and clear communication in English and Spanish. All parents are given the opportunity to participate in their child's education in ways listed below.
    Parent Communication 
    A Calendar of events and information for the upcoming week(s) will be sent to parents. Some of the student's work and the student's behavior for the week will also be sent home. Parents are asked to remove and review contents and return the folder or binder with their signatures as well as return any forms that require parent response.  
    • PK-5th Thursday Folder: Every Thursday a folder will be sent home with students.
    • Parent Teacher Conferences - Major District-wide conferences will be Parents may also contact teachers/administrators to schedule individual conferences during teacher planning periods or before/after school.
    • Report Card and Special Notices - Reports cards will be sent at the end of each six-week period with students. The dates are indicated on the student calendar sent home with each student at the beginning of the school year. The calendar is also available on the DISD website at www.dallasisd.org. Special notices will be sent with every student during the third week of each six-week period.