• Hello! My name is Chasity Dyer and I will primarily serve as the school counselor for Pre-K, First, Third and Fifth grade students. I am delighted to begin another year at Annie Webb Blanton Elementary. I look forward to getting to know you and your children! I can be reached by email at cunderwood@dallasisd.org or by phone at 972-794-1706.  




    Hi, my name is April Rivera. I am the counselor for Kindergarten, Second and Fourth grade students. I can’t wait to meet everyone! You can reach me at arivera@dallasisd.org or by phone at 971-794-1718.




    As School Counselors, our primary responsibility is to promote the academic, personal, emotional, and social development of all students. We look forward to offering support to students, staff, families and the community. Any student can request to meet with us or can be referred by a teacher, administrator, or parent.

    We look forward to working with everyone! 


    Como consejeras de la escuela, nuestra responsabilidad principal es promover el desarrollo académico, personal, emocional y social de todos los estudiantes. Estamos aquí para servirles apoyando a los estudiantes, el personaje de la escuela, las familias y la comunidad. Cualquier estudiante puede solicitar una junta con nosotros o puede ser referido por un maestro, administrador, o padre. Deseamos trabajar con todos!