• What is college?

    ·       College is a school that you go to after high school where you learn about your career.

    ·       There are many different types of colleges, like 2 year community colleges or 4 year universities.

    ·       There is a college for everyone! No matter what career you want, you can learn about it in college.

     Why is going to college important?

    ·       Going to college will help you have the career you want! Many careers require a college degree. Also, going to college gives you some job security.

    ·       The more you learn, the more you earn! College graduates make more money than high school graduates.

    ·       College is FUN! There are lots of exciting things about college like friends, independence, dorm life, college sports, extra-curricular clubs, etc…

    What can you do now to prepare for college?

    ·       Decide that you are going to college!

    ·       Come to school every day and work hard! Colleges and other organizations offer scholarships to students with good grades.

    ·       Participate in extra-curricular activities! You can also get scholarships because of your talents outside the classroom.

    ·       Start saving now.