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    JPS - Innovative, Unique


    What is unique about J. P. Starks Math, Science and Technology Vanguard?

    J. P. Starks was the first elementary math, science, and technology vanguard in the entire Dallas ISD. Vanguard teachers captivate the interest of qualifying 4th - 8th grade students with innovative educational challenges which are embedded in lessons designed to propel students to the highest levels of performance. However, that is only half of the story at J. P. Starks. The school exudes an air of excellence, and all teachers command the very best from all of their students. J. P. Starks is a school with a distinctive record of superior performance and noteworthy recognition at district, state, and national levels.

    The faculty and staff work diligently with parents, volunteers, and the business community to promote achievement that is both measurable and commendable. Since Starks focuses on the whole child, stakeholders work together to create in each student a positive self-concept,1 a love for learning, and a vision for the future. Members of the J.P. Starks Math, Science, and Technology Vanguard family take the education of each student personally, since they realize that our children are our future. Hence, the school family is dedicated to helping students realize the unlimited potential which lies within each of them.

    J. P. Starks is a unique educational arena where the field of play creates a desire for success within its pupils. Starks has and always will be a place where students grow into socially responsible citizens with high moral character. J. P. Starks Math, Science and Technology Vanguard is unique because it is committed to excellence in teaching and learning by building relationships through creativity and innovative instruction.