• Vanguard Program Information

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    The emphasis in Vanguard is placed on application of higher order thinking skills. Vanguard offers the traditional curriculum in CORE subjects with enriched instruction in math, science and technology. Individual and cross-curricular instructional opportunities offer challenging activities that promote individual and group problem solving by Vanguard students. Student profiles are utilized weekly to record skill mastery and to maintain an environment suitable for advancement in math and science coursework for college bound students. Ongoing conferencing between home and school is an integral part of Vanguard.  Also, as an additional educational resources, the vanguard students visit NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.


    Students seeking admissions will complete a three step process during the application for admissions phase.

    Stage 1
    Norm-referenced test score > 40%; GPA > 75%; 2letters of recommendation from current teachers; 95% (+) attendance rate.

    Stage 2
    On-campus assessment in writing, math, and science; student portfolio.

    Stage 3
    Panel interview; parent orientation.