• btw Yearbook Club

    Ben Doan-Stephens, Sponsor

     Yearbook Club

    What is the Yearbook Club? Like the name states, the Yearbook Club is the club dedicated to making Booker T. Washington’s Yearbook. As a club, we have to take pictures of events, interview students on different topics and make decisions regarding design, layout, etc.

    Who can join the Yearbook Club? Anyone can join the Yearbook Club. We have different “sections” such as Photography, Layout/Design, and Proofreading/Editing. The Photography section takes pictures of different events and gathers pictures students/parents have taken at these events. The Photography section also edits these pictures to make sure they are suitable for the yearbook. The Layout/Design section makes the decisions about the color scheme, what the cover should look like, and other design elements such as font, layout, etc. Finally, the Proofreading/Editing section makes sure that all names are spelled correctly, that there are no grammatical errors, and that everything is perfect with the yearbook.