The Lone Star Challenge Club (2015-16)

    Who sponsors the Lone Star Challenge Club?Ms. Benter
       Ms. Benter (4th Grade Reading teacher) sponsors The Lone Star Challenge Club. 
    What is the Lone Star Challenge Club?
        It is an academic club that prepares students to be in Academic Pentathlon and Decathlon down the road.
    What does it provide?   
        The club provides enrichment opportunities to 4th and 5th graders by presenting them with academically challenging material above
        their grade level.
    What do they learn? 
        This year we will be learning all  about the 1960s from the Space Race to the Civil Rights Movement.
        We will also be reading and discussing The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt as we prepare for the essay portion of the
    When do you meet?
        We meet on Wednesdays from 3:15-4:15.