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The Dual Language Classroom

Students are grouped in Bilingual Pairs in order to learn from each other’s language strengths. The pairs work together at designated times to better understand content lessons, learning stations, and/or research centers. These partnerships foster accountability, collaboration, and empathy in our students.

Our research-based, standards-aligned instruction allows students to learn at high levels while building global awareness and developing a global perspective. Hands-on, interactive Dual Language lessons and activities keep students engaged and take them deeper into grade-level skills and concepts.

Students in our program apply their language learning in a child-centered environment that fosters global leadership skills through technology, creativity, and critical thinking. It is through this experience that students are truly able to demonstrate mastery of learning.

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  • Dallas ISD offers a Dual Language Program for secondary students in the following schools:

Middle Schools

Walnut Hill International Leadership Academy

L.L. Hotchkiss Elementary

J.L. Long Middle School

Piedmont G.L.O.B.A.L. Academy

Rosemont Upper

Sanger Preparatory School

School for the Talented and Gifted in Pleasant Grove

E.D. Walker Middle School
High Schools

North Dallas High School

Woodrow Wilson High School

Sunset High School

W.T. White High School
  • Our program aims to educate bicultural, bilingual students with strong oral and writing skills in Spanish and English.




More job opportunities

Higher graduation rate

Better self-esteem
148 schools with Dual Language programs
  • Dallas ISD’s top-notch nationally recognized Dual Language program gives your child an opportunity to learn how to speak, write, read, listen, and think in both Spanish and English. Gaining this skill set prepares students for greater career and professional options, as well as gives them a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

    In the Dual Language classroom, instruction is provided in Spanish and English. Students also learn and grow by interacting with their peers whose first language is Spanish and/or English.

    Dual Language students in our Secondary Dual Language program must successfully complete two Dual Language courses per year. This includes one core content course and one Languages Other than English course. Additionally, students may also take an elective Dual Language course. All Dual Language courses are taught in Spanish.

    *DL: Dual Language Course | Pre-AP: Pre-Advanced Placement Course | AP: Advanced Placement Course


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