• Social Studies

    Students will examine United States, Texas, and World Studies by learning skills to analyze historical events and geographic regions.  Students will also learn the roles citizens play in political, governmental, and economic systems.  The state Social Studies assessment is given to all eighth graders.  

    Social Studies Educators:
    • Ms. Hairgrove - World Cultures
    • Mr. Haroon - Texas History
    • Ms. Reed - U.S. History
    • Mr. Sanders - World Cultures & Texas History
    PBS Learning Media http://www.pbslearningmedia.org/collection/midlit/?topic_id=322  online self-paced lessons for blended learning, funded by the Walmart Foundation, are designed to enhance the literacy skills of students in grades 5–8.
    Geoguessr https://geoguessr.com/usa  Be a modern day Columbus as you as you travel.
    iCivics  https://www.icivics.org/ Don't just learn civics play civics.
    JLD Grant Recipient
    2017-18 Junior League of Dallas grant funds innovation in Ms. Hairgrove's classroom.
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