At Jill Stone Elementary School at Vickery Meadow, our mission is to prepare students to be college ready so that they may become productive, literate, and responsible citizens within our global society. We empower students to learn by providing a rigorous curriculum and enhance their education through enrichment programs and extracurricular activities, including music, art, chess and robotics.
    As a community within a community, the school recognizes the impact that parents, guardians and extended families have on their children's education. We also foster outside relationships with volunteers and surrounding businesses. These relationships contribute to the development of the whole child.
    Principal: Ms. Selena Deboskie:
    Assistant Principal: Mr. Patrick Hellman:
    Assistant Principal: Mrs. Josefina Rodriguez:
    Grade Levels: PreK-5th Grade
    Executive Director: Ms. Lourdes Garduño
    Trustee District: District 3
    PTA Information: PTA meeting dates and times are listed on our calendar.
    Uniform Information:
    Top: White, Dark Blue, Red
    Bottoms: Black, Khaki
    Mascot: Phoenixes
    Extracurricular Activities Offered:TBD