Welcome to the DESA Library!

    ¡Bienvenido a la Biblioteca!

    Ms. Vega 

    Media Center Hours

     8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

    Media Center Mission is to encourage all individuals to be effective users of information by:
    • supporting the students' right to self-selection of materials for enjoyment or information;
    • supporting academic rigor by integrating the teaching of research and information processing skills to ensure students are college ready and effective life-long users of information; and
    • seeking knowledge of technological changes and integrating them effectively into the framework of the curriculum.
    Media Center Goals:
    1. To promote the integration of curriculum, resources, and teaching strategies to ensure the success of all students as the effective creators and users of ideas and information and enabling them to become lifelong learners.
    2. To promote the success of all students and staff by:  providing information equity; working for universal literacy; defending intellectual freedom; persevering and making accessible the heritage of all cultures; and ensuring that equal access to resources in all formats are available to all users.

    Texas School Library Standards

    What can Ms. Vega do for you?

    • Help you find something to read
    • Assist you finding information and resources online or print
    • Help you in documenting sources (citations)
    • Teach you how to use the online catalog
    • Teach you how to request a book from another campus
    • Assist you to evaluate digital & print resources
    • Teach information literacy skills so students can be college ready!
    • Teach digital citizenship
    • Teach & model inquiry/research