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  • Special Education Transition Fair 2021

    The Dallas ISD Special Education Department is excited to announce the upcoming Special Education Transition Fair 2021, taking place April 13–15 from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. each day. This event will focus on helping families of students receiving special education services prepare their child for life after high school. 

    The three-day fair will feature guest speakers and interactive activities that target key topics and areas of support to ensure families are knowledgeable of resources needed for students to reach lifelong goals.

    Day #1–April 13th: GET READY

    • Vocational and Information Sessions

    Day #2–April 14th: GET SET

    • College, Career, and Military Readiness

    Day #3—April 15th: GO

    • Agencies and Resources

    Register for the Special Education Transition fair at DISDTransitionFair.eventbrite.com


    Transition Fair 2021

    Download Transition Fair Flyer - English 

    Download Transition Fair Flyer - Spanish


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Coronavirus (COVID19) Resources List

Services and Support

  • Can I access behavior support for my child at home during the distance learning option?

  • Will Dallas ISD offer support for parents of special education during distance learning?

  • How are vision and hearing services going to be provided during the distance learning instruction?

  • How will special education students who are accessing an alternate curriculum be instructed through distance learning?

  • How will inclusion support be implemented through distance learning?

  • How will student-specific adaptive equipment, communication devices, assistive technology, and/or accommodations be provided in distance learning?

  • How will students who receive distance learning receive related/support services?

Campus vs. Distance Learning

  • My child struggles to sit still for long periods of time and Distance Learning will be a challenge. What options do I have?

  • When making your decision, you might consider:

Evaluations and ARD

  • How can I participate in my child’s ARD meeting?

  • What if I do not want to bring my child to an on-campus assessment?

  • How will special ed evaluations be completed if my child is participating in remote learning?

  • How do I give consent for a special education evaluation?

  • Can my child still be referred for a special education evaluation?

Individualized Education Plans (IEPS)

  • What if I decide to change to distance learning during the school year or the campus is forced to close due to Covid-19?

  • What will my student’s IEP look like if I select distance learning?

  • How will distance learning for special education be different in the 2020-2021 school year compared to what Dallas ISD offered in the Spring of 2020?

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