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    Preparing for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

    The safety and well-being of all staff and visitors are a priority for Dallas ISD as the district effectively navigates the complexities of a “new normal.”

    Dallas ISD is currently in Phase II of its re-entry plan and following new practices and protocols designed to ensure that all employees and visitors feel safe and secure. As of now, staff is expected to return to normal operations—which may include additional measures and protocols related to COVID-19—on Monday, Aug. 3. 

    Staff COVID-19 contact tracing at Dallas ISD

    Contact tracing is a disease control measure to identify persons who may have been exposed to an infectious disease (COVID-19, flu, etc.) and alert their close contacts of their potential exposure. The goal of contact tracing is to help prevent the further spread of infection. Employees who think they may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or who have tested positive should fill out the contact tracing form to notify Health Services. Detailed onformation about Dallas ISD's contract tracing procedurescan be found on this booklet

    Dallas ISD’s Health Services will work with employees who have symptoms or are diagnosed with COVID-19 to determine who they have come in contact with at work and notify those persons of the potential exposure. All contact tracing activities are strictly confidential and the identity of those involved will not be shared. Health Services can be contacted by calling (972) 925-4211 or emailing COVID19@dallasisd.org.

    Staff Contact Tracing Resources

    Other district practices and protocols to ensure the safety and weel-being of staff and visitors include signage in all facilities to encourage social distancing in common areas as well temperature screenings before entering buildings. Employees are required to wear face masks in compliance with Dallas County guidelines. The use of gloves is encouraged. These and other measures are included in the district's Central Staff Re-Entry Playbook.


    Other Resources


    Re-entry Frequently Asked Questions

  • What options do central staff have to return to working in the office?

  • How will staff know which days they are scheduled to report to the office?

  • What steps is the district taking to keep employees safe from a potential spread of the Covid-19 once we start coming in?

  • Will employees work the four-day workweek this summer?

  • How will the district ensure that buildings stay at allowed capacity?

  • How will visitors be monitored to ensure buildings are kept at allowed capacity and traffic in the lobby and hallways is controlled?

  • Will parents and community members be required to have an appointment to enter the building?

  • What will happen if a visitor wants to speak with a staff member who is not available?

  • Due to the lack of summer programs for children, will employees who have children at home and lack childcare be allowed to continue to work from home?

  • Will staff and visitors be screened in the parking lot?

  • What will the screening consist of?

  • Will free COVID-19 testing be available for employees?

  • What if staff or visitors don’t have masks to wear?

  • How will elevator use be monitored?

  • Will hourly employees be required to clock in and out?

  • If I'm working from home, how do I keep track of the summer work hours?

  • Will central staff work four-day workweeks this summer?

  • What time will the workday begin during the four-day workweek and how will lunch hour be affected?

  • Will central staff be able to leave the office for lunch?

  • Will central staff still have the discretion to take their additional week of vacation as usual?

  • Will the district provide masks, gloves, and sanitizer for employees?

  • How often will buildings be sanitized?

  • How will concerns of workers over 60 and staff with underlying physical conditions be addressed?

  • Will we be checking temperatures of employees and building visitors?

  • In what instances will staff who don't feel safe coming into the office be allowed to continue working from home?

  • What process is in place to respond to an employee testing positive for Covid-19?