At Junkins Elementary we have high expectations of all our students. We believe in creating citizens that contribute to the world of tomorrow. While implementing a quality instructional program, we also believe in building student leadership capacity through student organizations and enrichment programs. From our 2-way Dual Language Enrichment program, to our award winning Destination Imagination team, to our Coding/Robotics Club, students are always engaged in learning.
    What makes our campus unique is that we are a very diverse campus, honoring different cultures and languages among students and staff. We celebrate our differences while uniting to focus on “one destination.” Our staff is committed to promoting a culture that supports productive citizens of the world. 
    Promoting a supportive culture is key in driving the campus mission. This can only be done through the collaboration of staff, students, community, and parents. We are committed to the success of every student and look forward to you joining us in these efforts.