• Dear Parents/Guardians:

    The Chapel Hill Preparatory uniform aims to give our students a sense of belonging and pride in their school while ensuring equality among all students. Our students deserve the best education, resources and opportunities for their future! A smart appearance contributes positively to the students’ attitude to work and study.

    Our goal is to work with our families and our partners to make sure every student has access to uniforms without any major economic burden as we make the transition from the old to the new uniform. We are grandfathering the old Cabell uniform for 2 years, until school year 2019-2020. Students whose uniforms from this past school year are in good shape and intend to use them for the upcoming school year can do so.

    Our goal is for all of our students to be in uniform every day beginning the first day of school. Our uniform provider is Versa Printing located at 2631 Brenner Rd. Dallas, Texas 75220.

    Thank you for ensuring that our students are dressed for success every day.


    Mr. Hypolite

    Uniform Guidelines


    • Orange polo with Chapel Hill Logo
    • PK-2nd Plaid Jumper or 3-5 Gr. Plaid Skirt
    • Gray pants for PK-5th Grades
    • White, black or navy blue socks/tights/leggings
    • Shorts under uniform skirt/jumper (must not be able to be seen)
    • Black or brown belt


    • Orange polo shirt with Chapel Hill Logo
    • Gray pants
    • Gray shorts
    • White, black or navy blue socks
    • Black or brown belt


    • Only a SOLID WHITE Under-Shirt will be allowed under the uniform polo shirts
    • Only Navy Blue Sweaters/ jackets/ sweater vests: with the Chapel Hill logo OR solid Navy Blue will be allowed to be worn during class
    • NO jackets, sweaters, or sweatshirt of another color /pattern will be allowed in the classrooms
    • NO sweat pants/athletic pants are allowed at any time


    • Students can wear their regular uniform or,
    • Blue Jeans and a Chapel Hill spirit t-shirt or,
    • Blue Jeans and a school t-shirt (Catch Up & Read) or,
    • Blue Jeans and a college t-shirt (“I will Graduate” shirt in 5th grade)
    • NO ATHLETIC SHORTS are allowed at any time.
    • NO leggings (unless under skirt/jumper)

    All items  can be purchased through Versa Printing.


Chapel Hill School Uniform Flyer 2019-2020
Chapel Hill School Uniform Flyer Back 2019-2020