• Hello E.M.Pease Family,
    We are very excited about this school year!  At Pease, our primary goal is to be an advocate for all students.  As child advocates, we feel it is important to provide services that enhance student growth and development throughout their educational experience.  We believe all students have the right and ability to succeed!  Great things are happening at Pease, so you can look forward to exciting information in the "Counselor's Corner" on our school's webpage.
    Pease Counseling Team 


    We believe all students are capable of learning and achieving success. It is through our service to students and their families, by which we abide by ethical guidelines, that we encourage them to become models of excellence in their school and communities. We know, as school counselors, that we are an important part of a collaborative team working together to ensure student success and it is our role to advocate , collaborate, and facilitate order to change learning. Our shared vision around student success includes our:

    • Use of the data to drive program development and address the needs of our campus.
    • Our willimingess to support Weekly progress monitoting .We monitor data to ensure we are impacting student growth
    • We strive to empower students to embrace their full potential and to achieve their personal and academic aspirations.


  • Mission

    The mission of Elisha M. Pease Elementary School Counselors is to provide comprehensive counseling services to maximize students achievement and socio-emotional development. Through guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and student support, all students will have equal access to an appropriate school counseling program. Students will aspire to meet all of their personal goals, achieve their personal best, and be respectful members in the community. Students will be equipped to excel academically, personally, and socially as they prepare to become our next leaders.