Welcome to the World Languages Department!

  • The AIMS of MYP Language Acquistion is to encourage and enable students to:

    • gain proficiency in an additional language while supporting maintenance of their mother tongue and cultural heritage
    • develop respect for, and understanding of, diverse linguistic and cultural heritages
    • develop communication skills necessary for further language learning, and for study, work and leisure in a range of contexts
    • develop multiliteracy skills through the use of a range of learning tools
    • develop an appreciation of a variety of literary and non-literary texts and to develop critical and creative techniques for comprehension and construction of meaning
    • recognize and use language as a vehicle of thought, reflection, self-expression and learning in other subjects
    • understand the nature of language and the process of language learning
    • gain insight into the cultural characteristics of the communities where the language is spoken
    • gain an awareness and understanding of the perspectives of people from own and other cultures
    • develop curiosity, inquiry and a lifelong interest in, and enjoyment of, language learning.


    Department chair: Susan Moreno 

    Email: susmoreno@dallasisd.org