• Runyon Clubs and Activities - 2023-2024


    ABC Club – Adventures and Beyond Club – After School Club


    Academic UIL Club – University Interscholastic League Club


    Ambassador Club – Exemplary Students selected to represent our Runyon Campus.


    Art Club – A club for learning, practicing and creating art.


    Arts & Crafts Club – A club that makes household objects into works of art.


    Book Club – A Club that reads and discusses the same book at the same time.


    Boys Scouting Club – Instills a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging & service.


    Chess Club – Formed for the purpose of learning and practicing the game of Chess.


    Choir – Visual and performing Arts Club


    Coding Club – Formed for the purpose of learning and practicing computer coding skills.


    Coloring/ Beyond Crayons Club – Coloring to relieve stress and improve fine motor skills.


    Destination Imagination – A Creativity and Problem Solving Club


    Etiquette Club – Manners and Citizenship Club


    Faith Based Club – Young Life – Guidance, Service and Leadership Club


    Fitness Club – Club promotes making healthy lifestyle choices and fitness.


    French Club – Language and Cultural Enrichment Club


    Kindness Club – Club spreads kindness with projects that better our school.


    Lego Club – Club engages innovative thinkers with engineering and design challenges.


    Makerspace Club – A collaborative club to make and design projects.


    Math Club -  Club that plays games with Math, creates art with Math, solves puzzles with Math.


    Mentoring Club – Providing  support, guidance, fellowship and leadership to Runyon students.


    Modern Oratory/Speech Club  – Club develops oratory and writing skills.


    Readers’ Theatre – Club reads scripts combining reading practice and performing arts.


    Recycling Club/ Green Team – Club promotes environmental awareness and recycling.


    Running Club/Walking Club – Students work on form, fitness and stamina.


    Safety Patrol – A club of responsible students who help keep the school safe.


    School Musical & Theatrical Productions  - Staged productions for special events.


    Show Choir – Visual and Performing Arts – selected students!


    Student Council  - Voice of the student body,  service and leadership club.


    Soccer Club –  Members scrimmage & practice skills and drills.  Follow the FIFA World Cup.


    Technology/Computer Club – Students utilize computers effectively with design challenges.


    Wellness/Meditation Club – Members practice strategies to promote emotional wellbeing.


    Zumba -  A fitness program inspired by Latin American dance.