Next Generation Work • Research + Innovation  • Mentorship



    The IDEA internship is a part of IDEA’s mission of providing an innovative, personalized, education. Each internship will engage the student in next generation work, research and innovation, and mentorship.

    • Next generation work is centered on collaboration, innovative thinking, and communication

    • Research on an industry specific and/or original product proposal

    • On the job mentor provides guidance and connection

    Commitments from student and internship hosts

    • 10-15 hours/week of work*

    • A staff member to mentor, guide, and connect

    • Pay is negotiable**

    *schedule/place is flexible   **internship may be unpaid

    What is the purpose of the internship program?

    Students participate in internships to develop Next Generation Skills, which are essential to success in the  workplace. Internship experience is also valuable for building a strong resume for college, and a future career.

    Where will students intern?

    Students will be matched with partner organizations aligned with their interests and skills. Examples of partner organizations may include a local restaurant or a corporate law firm.

    When will students intern?

    Students will intern at the end of the school day 2-3 days/week beginning at approximately 3:00pm until an agreed upon time with partner organization. 5pm would a typical end time. On non-internship days, students will work on school assignments or complete internship tasks virtually.

    Is it mandatory?

    The internship program is not a mandatory requirement. Only students meeting requirements and applying to intern will participate in Spring 2017. Starting Fall 2017, all juniors and future seniors will be expected to become “internship ready” to participate in an internship for course credit.

    Will transportation be provided for students?

    No. Students will walk, drive themselves (or a parent will), or use public transportation to commute to their internship site.

    Will students get paid?

    Whether a student is paid will be decided by the partner organization. Students may have a paid or unpaid internship experience. However, financial benefit or compensation will not be considered when placing a student in an internship as the primary benefit will be educational.