About the 2015 Dallas ISD Bond Program

  • A study of all Dallas ISD facilities in 2013 examined their condition and detailed needed repairs. The study by the Parsons Environment and Infrastructure Group revealed that the average age of district buildings is 47, and the average year of construction is 1966.

    As a step toward creating a comprehensive plan to update facilities, in fall 2014 the district formed the citizen group the Future Facilities Task Force (FFTF). The 27 members included individuals from a cross-section of geographic areas, businesses, and communities appointed by the Board of Trustees and the superintendent. The task force was asked to develop recommendations for new schools, facility improvements, and building additions to support growing programs.

    The FFTF drafted the plan that formed the basis of the 2015 Bond Package and presented its recommendations to the Board of Trustees after visiting campuses, and gathering input from numerous sources including Dallas ISD staff, school administrators, community members, and facility assessment reports commissioned by the district.

    On August 21, 2015, the Board of Trustees approved sending a package of $1.6 billion in improvements to voters in November. Voters approved the plan to fund several new schools and a variety of school and facility improvements and programs to meet the needs of student learners.

    The tax rate is expected to remain the same based on assumptions regarding future property values, interest rates, and other factors.

    Project information, estimated costs, tax rate information, and more is posted throughout the bond website.

  • Venn Diagram - School Buildings Age


    Tax Rate per $100 Valuation