• Tryouts: Open to 4th & 5th grade boys and girls in September.  

    Games: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00pm against local Dallas ISD Elementary Schools.
    Practices:  Monday and Wednesday right after school

    Cost:  No Cost

    Activities: Learn to play basketball & compete against other local teams. This is a co-ed team, and in addition to the technical aspects of the sport, athletes will learn about basic fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

    Date Opponent Location Time
    10/10 Withers v. Foster Wither 3:45PM
    10/17 Junkins v. Withers Junkins 3:45PM
    10/19 DeGolyer v. Withers DeGolyer 3:45PM
    10/24 Withers v. Cabell Withers 3:45PM
    10/26 Bush v. Withers Bush 3:45PM
    10/31 Withers v. Calliet Withers 3:45PM
    11/2 Withers v. Gooch Withers 3:45PM
    11/7 Marcus v. Withers Marcus 3:45PM
    11/9 Withers v. Frank Withers 3:45PM
    11/14 Saldivar v. Withers Saldivar 3:45PM
    11/16 Withers v. Adams Withers 3:45PM
    Congratulations to the boys and girls 2016-2017 basketball team.  Both teams went undefeated this season and brought the championship trophy back home to Withers.  
    2016 Players of the Year
    Players of the Year: Ashley Patterson and Alex Hill.
    2016 Girls Basketball Team
    2017-2018 Girls Basketball Team: Melanie Garcia, Marilou Hernandez, Delaney O'Brien,
    Ashley Patterson, Lucy Price, Amy Ramirez, Cindy Ramirez, Annette Simmons and Nasya Williams 
    2017 Boys Basketball   
     2017-2018 Boys Basketball Team: Front Row: Alex Barr, Harrison Shapley, Cale O'Brien, Andrew Paradez
    Back Row: Joe Mowels, Michael Grant, Cooper Heller, Cooper Quinlan, Charlie Holt, and Cooper Whitson