Hillcrest High School International Baccalaureate Programme
  • Hillcrest High School is a fully authorized Diploma Programme. These schools share a common philosophy - a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education - which Hillcrest High School believes is fundamental for our globally bound students.


    Hillcrest High School IB program is full for the class of 2025. 

    Please contact Jeri Smith at jersmith2@dallasisd.org or at 972 502 6842 for an interview. Please be sure that you also fill out the Dallas ISD school choice application and choose Hillcrest IB for an option. 

    Interview requirements:


    • A current 8th grade student
    • https://www.dallasisd.org/yourchoices and choose Hillcrest IB (this is ranked by algorithm, so choice #1 weighs more heavily than choice #5)
    • A current report card
    • A recent testing result paperwork (this may be older due to COVID)
    • A parent/guardian present at the interview
    • Plan for this to take about an hour