• Bryan Adams Early College

  • Bryan Adams High School is expanding college opportunities for students, thanks to an exciting partnership with Eastfield College. Students who attend Bryan Adams P-TECH at Eastfield College will have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and up to 60 college credit hours or an associate degree while in high school.

    Best of all, this opportunity comes tuition-free.

    Attending a collegiate academy allows students to:

    • Earn an associate degree tuition free while in high school
    • Earn as many as 60 tuition-free college hours by earning college credits while in high school
    • Earn a four-year degree in less time than their peers - see our Pathway to Bachelor's Degree at Texas Tech
    • Enter the job market with a work-ready skill upon completion of high school
    • Become familiar with the effort required to successfully complete collegiate level coursework while a high school student