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  • Adamson P-TECH

    • The Adamson P-TECH is purposefully designed to serve incoming 9th grade students who are:

      • Determined to attend college.
      • First Generation college students.
      • Historically underrepresented in higher education.
    • The Adamson P-TECH recruitment and enrollment processes and requirements SHALL NOT exclude or discourage the enrollment of any of the subpopulations of at-risk students (as defined by PEIMS), including, but not limited to, students who are limited English proficient or who have failed a state administered assessment.
    • Enrollment decisions WILL NOT be based on state assessment scores, discipline history, teacher recommendations, or minimum grade point average (GPA).
    • The Adamson P-TECH will accept 125 9th grade students per year, and students will move together as a cohort as they progress through high school.
    • Students will attend 9th and 10th grade at the W.H. Adamson P-TECH campus in a dedicated building designed specifically for P-TECH students. For their junior and senior years, students will attend classes at the Dallas College El Centro Campus. Transportation will be provided at no charge.


    Students must complete the following steps before being fully admitted into Adamson P-TECH:

    1. Student and parent must attend an information seminar regarding Adamson P-TECH.
    2. Student and parent must complete an interview with Adamson P-TECH leadership.
    3. Student must attend a two-week Summer Bridge Boot Camp in the summer before their first Fall Semester. 
  • Preparing Students for the Jobs of Tomorrow

  • P-TECH, co-developed by IBM, is a new approach to education that blends high school, tuition-free community college, and workplace learning in one transformative experience. Through rigorous course work and on-site job training from IBM and American Airlines, students who graduate from the Adamson P-TECH will leave high school not only with an Associates Degree, but with the skills and expereince neccesary to compete for lucrative jobs at the world's best tech companies. 

  • Technology and jobs are changing much faster than our education systems. Open P-TECH helps students and educators close this gap by providing free digital learning on the tech skills of tomorrow!


    Save Time, Save Money, Gain Experience


    College Credit Hours

    Number of potential college credits students can earn at the Adamson P-TECH

    Potential Savings

    Potential savings on two years of community college tuition and books

    Classroom Instruction

    Instruction in a small, personalized learning environment

    Work Experience

    Opportunity to participate in a high-quality work experience through a professional internship with IBM and/or American Ailines

  • Applying to the Adamson P-TECH

  • Dallas ISD will begin accepting applications to the district’s P-TECH/ECHS/Collegiate Academies on November 1, 2023 for the 2024-2025 school year. Eighth-grade students who will be freshmen in the Fall of 2024 may complete and submit an online application for their preferred P-TECH/ECHS/Collegiate Academy. Students will be asked to select their top five choices among the district’s P-TECH/ ECHS/ Collegiate Academies, which are listed below. Students can apply through January 31, 2024, and, following an interview process, those who are accepted will be notified on March 1, 2024.