• Greetings, 
    What a privilege it is to be named CityLab High School's Founding Principal with Dallas ISD. I consider myself an instructional leader above all, and my mission is to be an inspiration for students, teachers, staff, and community to unite as we move the students of Dallas forward in our pursuit of excellence. My vision is to establish a campus-and-beyond community that develops students who value problem solving and are ambitious to achieve their very best. One of the fundamental purposes of CityLab High School is to affect change by using the city of Dallas as an extension of the traditional classroom. By encouraging students to achieve highly in what they are enthusiastic about, we are constantly setting the climate for success. I firmly believe that it is our collective task to teach and learn every day. I plan to establish best practices by implementing faculty professional development at the highest standards in Project Based Learning and Design Thinking. My goal is to constantly facilitate communication, engagement, and involvement from all participating members of our new flagship campus. I very much look forward to building a successful program with your contributions. 
    Warmest Regards,
    Tammy Underwood
    Principal, CityLab High School