• Dallas ISD is 20,000 staff members strong, and each one is vital to the work being accomplished in the district. Through the district’s commitment to exemplary customer service, each member is focused on serving 157,000 students and their families by delivering professional, high quality service in everything we do.

    At the heart of great customer service for each district employee are the four tenets of customer service--the Core 4: focused, fast, flexible, and friendly. These principles, also, are key to forging a positive culture within the organization as they are applied, internally, colleague to colleague, as well as to students, families, taxpayers, and the entire community.

    It is a strong commitment that goes beyond the conversation about what exemplary customer service looks like to becoming the norm for the way we operate in the district every day.


    Student achievement is our primary focus. Whether staff members work directly with students or support other staff members who do, every measure, initiative and project should be implemented and carried out with students as the focus.


    Today’s world revolves around immediacy—quick and easy access, fast resolutions. The success of delivering services and products to customers in a timely manner is a critical component in providing excellent customer service.


    Working toward a solution often requires being open to other ideas, bold in problem solving, and flexible in finding a way to provide a service or deliver a product.


    A positive culture starts with every staff member, no matter the issues or challenges. Interaction with customers and colleagues should always demonstrate respect and kindness—regardless of the answer or solution.

Core 4 - Focused, Fast, Flexible, and Friendly