• 2017 Reading Challenge
    Please join us in the reading challenge! We think that you will have lots of fun and we cant wait to see which 5 books you choose from these 5 prompts:
    1.  A book you chose because of the cover.
    2.  A book that everyone is raving about (something everyone loves).
    3.  A book to 'expand your horizons' (something new).
    4.  A book set in a city you want to travel to.
    5.  A book that has been turned into a movie (example: Hidden Figures)

    The challenge dates take place March 1 - April 28, 2017. In that time, you are to read the five books based on the prompts above. Any student who reads the five books and fill out the form below, will be invited to a breakfast in the library (date to be determined). If you are not sure if the books fits, please feel free to ask the library staff.