• Maple Lawn Elementary  

    General Information

    Maple Lawn Elementary was founded in 1932 and we proudly serve the children and community in the Northwest Elementary Learning Community.
    Our mission is to provide an excellent education in partnership with families and community to build a strong academic foundation for each student. To help students become well-rounded individuals, we offer a variety of after-school programs, including Kickstart Karate, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Sports for Learning. We are vigorously working toward improving student academic achievement as we forge strong relationships with parents and the community.
    Maple Lawn Elementary School has achieved new academic heights, including earning recognized ratings in the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 school years. Additionally, Maple Lawn was recently named one of the top 18 Reading First schools in Texas for having the most academic gains. Because of our achievements, Maple Lawn served in the 2009-2010 school year as a Reading First model school. We are very proud of our students, parents, and teachers, and we look forward to greater success.


    Students will realize their unique potential and persevere through all challenges in order to become influential citizens of the community.



    We seek to dismantle inequities by surrounding students with a talented and caring school community that allows all students to see their innate value and discover their chosen purpose. Our school models being influential citizens by practicing social emotional skills, perseverance towards goals, and critical thinking skills.


    Core Values

    Our students are their best when they are or show:

    Caring- our students are good human beings that show compassion and understanding for other people. If someone is having a bad day, a star listens to the individual and helps them remember their value. Our students respect other students, adults and any place they attend. They are known for showing acts of kindness and service. True influence comes when someone has a network of people that is willing to stand with you.

    Family/Team- our students work and collaborate with others for everyone’s benefit. Our team goes out of their way to authentically get to know each other. Our students know that this is the foundation of trust. They know that if we trust each other, we will be able to collaborate through daily challenges as a team. Our students know that a team victory is much sweeter and meaningful than individual success. To truly influence others, we must stand united.

    Passion/purposeWe give all of our best effort to reach our goals. When things get complicated, we remember what got us there in the first place. It is this passion that will help us stand out from the rest. If someone is not sure what drives them, we provide opportunities to discover their passion.

    Perseverance- Our work will not always be easy. Our students acknowledge the difficulty in all challenges but continue to move forward. They never quit or make excuses. They are so focused on their goals that nothing can stop us. Not even failure. Our students believe that failure is a part of life that will make us more equipped to reach our goals.

    Principled- Our students are honest, fair, respectful to others, and take responsibility for their actions.

    Open-minded- Our students respect all cultures, and grow from opportunities to consider different points of view. They are willing to try something new even if it does not seem like it is important at the time. Trying new things can lead to more success and personal development.

    Confidence- Our students know their value and worth. They are not afraid of showing their skills. Our students always look forward to showing the influence they can provide when working independently or in groups. Even when they get nervous they reflect on Henry Ford’s quote, “Whether you think you can or can’t you are right.” Can’t is not a word in a Maple Lawn’s student vocabulary.