We LOVE our Community Partners!

    We would like to thank our partners in education for being dedicated to John Ireland. Without their help, we would not be able to have our REAL School Garden, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, new technology and other donations used throughout our days on campus. If you would like to learn more about each of these organizations, please click on the links that follow.

    Hilton Hilton                                                                         Bank of Texas      Bank of Texas and Mike Colon

    Greater BethlehemGreater Bethlehem                                     Tractor Supply  Tractor Supply     and Mark Holloway     

    Elrod'sElrod's                                                                             Taco Casa    Taco Casa  and Cindy Chacon

     Jiv DayaJiv Daya                                                                            Readers 2 Leaders Readers 2 leaders


    The Flag Program - Jim Rodriguez                                           Real School Community Parks   Dallas Parks and Recreation


    Texas Trees  Texas Trees Foundation                                                     Heart of America Heart of America                                              


    CBS EcoMedia Image result for cbs ecomedia                                                                    Adrian Clark         

    North Texas Ford Dealers  Ford                                   Mr. Cooper  Mr. Cooper Loans