• School of Leadership


    Martin Weiss Leadership Academy will be a premiere school of choice serving the Oak Cliff community with pride and excellence that prepares students to lead both nationally and globally by facilitating data-driven, innovative, project-based instruction.


    Our mission at Martin Weiss Leadership Academy is to utilize our rigorous, performance based, leadership development model that is driven by the following pedagogical approaches:

    • Socio-Emotional Learning
      • Socio-Emotional development via “The Leader in Me” character development regimen.
    • Project Based Learning
      • Project Based Learning Instructional Framework via training and resources offered by the Buck Institute.
    • Personal Leadership Portfolio PK-5
      • A cumulative leadership portfolio comprising measurable characteristics that define the 5 Levels of Transformational Leadership. (Includes Grade 5 Leadership Internship)
    Our goal is to place academic excellence, career and college readiness, and social development at the forefront of our educational philosophy. Using the Project Based Learning Cycle coupled with our 7 Excellent Leadership Habits, learners will demonstrate competency in the Five Levels of Transformational Leadership. We will develop critical thinkers, consumers of information, informed researchers, and effective communicators.