• We at Hawthorne Elementary strive to be excellent and help our students succeed. Learn more about us and our goals, or click on a link to learn more about what we do here at Hawthorne.



    • At Hawthorne Elementary, our vision is that "High Expectations are not born, they are made". When we focus on what students must be able to do independently, we are defining “high expectations” concretely rather than as an abstract value or feeling.


    • Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary is dedicated to creating a learning environment that maximizes every student's potential, no excuses. We will ensure every decision is based on what is best practice and educationally sound for our students.


    • To hold high expectations for every student and the adults who serve the students at our elementary school.
    • To continue to grow in the positive culture for staff and students.  
    • Promote a safe and healthy environment for students and staff in and around the school while maintaining high attendance for all.
    • Promote parental engagement and community involvement in all aspects through involvement of the schools educational programs and services.