• Kennedy-Curry School Uniforms
    All students are required to wear an ID badge in a visible manner at all times.
    6th Grade White Shirts
    7th Grade Gray Shirts
    8th Grade Royal Blue Shirts
    Khaki or Black Pants


    Pants/Shorts: Khaki or black pants/shorts. No jeans, cargo pants, or oversized pants.

    *Shirts: Polo style shirts with a collar, white undershirt only-- NO LOGOS. 

     Belts: solid black or brown and must be worn at all times. No oversize belt buckles

    *Shoes: athletic, dress and closed-toes are permitted/ socks need to be worn at all times.  No sandals/flip flops

    Jewelry: no earrings or facial jewelry

    *Athletic shoes required for PE classes

    *NO Pullover Hoodies

    Kennedy-Curry School Supplies

    All Core Content Grades


    BACKPACKS: Mesh or Clear Only

    *****These supplies will be turned in to your first period teacher*****

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    2 box of Kleenex

    2 pkgs. 11x8.5 construction paper

    1 ream of copy paper

    Scotch Tape

    Dry Erase Markers                                                

    2 pkg of pens (blue or black)

    2 pkgs. of pencils

    3 pkg. of notebook paper

    1 pkg. of glue sticks

    1 pkg. of colored highlighters


    *****The following supplies will be turned in to your content teacher*****

    Language Arts / Reading


    One Subject spiral

    1 pkg. of index cards (4x6)






    One Subject spiral

    1 personal pencil sharpener

    1 pkg. Colored pencils

    1 pkg. Graph paper

    1 pkg. Sticky notes



    1 ½ inch Binder

    5 Tab dividers

    1 Composition notebook

    36 No. 2 pencils

    1 ream of copy paper



    Social Studies


    One subject spiral

    1 pkg. of notebook paper

    1 pkg. of colored pencils

    *Additional supplies may be required for elective course*