Lead Counselor
    Dance and Music Conservatories 
    location: 122B
    phone: x1225
    Showcase Committee
    Student Support Team Coordinator
    504 Coordinator
    Principal's Council 
    Contact for
    college readiness
    counseling support 

    Nate Smith is originally from the microscopic coal mining town of Phelps in eastern Kentucky. He lived, studied, and worked in the
    Bluegrass State his entire life until November of 2014, when he made the quick, parentally-devastating decision to move to the
    great state of Texas. In his 19th year in education, Nate has been an AP English teacher, theatre director, testing coordinator, tennis
    coach, librarian, college readiness guide, & now counselor. This year marks his return to Booker T. Before his recent stint as the
    librarian at William B. Travis Vanguard / Academy for the Academically Talented and Gifted, he was the testing coordinator
    and college advisor.

    Nate received his undergraduate from Georgetown College, where he majored in English and minored in theatre. Since then, he has
    earned master’s degrees in both English education and library science in addition to his Texas counseling certification. On the
    much more personal side of life, Nate is an actor, writer, card shark, traveler, runner, driver, performer, tennis and softball player,
    collector, reality television watcher, reader, and trivia nerd with a strong affection for musicals and cats – but not the musical CATS.

    Currently, Nate is loving his forty-something life, exploring something new every day, soaking in all the culture he can, and
    living it up with his partner here in Dallas. He is absolutely thrilled to be back at Booker T. and cannot wait to serve the school and its
    entire community as the new lead counselor.