• BTW Heather Benedetto

    Instructor, French I/II, PAP French III/IV

     Benedetto                                           Email: hbenedetto@dallasisd.org
                                                Office: Room 102
                                                Phone: 972-925-1261                                          


    Madame Benedetto fell in love with French at Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio where she also participated in a myriad of activities such as varsity golf, Russian dancers, marching band, spring musicals, and also served as student council president. Her love of French took her to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio not Florida - where she also completed a degree in History, focusing on Medieval studies. One of her most fantastic moments in college was a summer spent studying Romanesque and Gothic Architecture followed by assisting in the restoration of a 13th century castle in the Auvergne Region of France. Prior to residing in Texas, Madame Benedetto worked in Washington, DC for an architechture firm. She began teaching in 2003, a career that would give her the opportunity to share her love of the French language and culture. Outside of school, Madame Benedetto continues to expand her linguistic skills in the Romance languages as well as Irish Gaelic and, more recently, Arabic. She enjoys travelling and taking classes in photography. Her travels have taken her to Costa Rica, Spain, Ireland, England, Morocco, and, of course, France. Locally, Madame enjoys yoga, running, rock climbing, cooking, gardening and a variety of dance styles. Madame also loves to watch football, following Ligue 1, La Liga, and Champion's League. She recently attended the Euro Cup in France and intends to spend time in Europe during the next World's Cup.