• BTW Dr. Maria Delgado

    Instructor, Spanish I/French I

     Delgado                                           Email: mariadelgado1@dallasisd.org
                                                Office: Room 100
                                                Phone: 972-925-1250                                           

    A native of Spain,  Maria Delgado began her educator's career at age eighteen when she became the director of the choir that had inspired her to study music in the first place. While pursuing degrees in voice performance and music theory at the Conservatory of Music of Neuchatel in Switzerland, Delgado became fluent in French and studied Italian, German, and English. Since, she has taught languages and music in three countries and at all levels from preschool to graduate school. Dr. Delgado holds a Ph.D. in music from the University of Iowa with a specialization in lyric diction for singers.

    Prior to her appointment at BTWHSPVA, Ms. Delgado has served as world language and music teacher at private schools in the DFW metropolitan area. Ms. Delgado is very excited about teaching Spanish and French at an arts-focused environement where creative expression and communication is understood as a fundamental need of human beings. When not participating in professional development and planning engaging and creative lessons, Maria enjoys working on her organic vegetable garden and traveling with her husband, Sergio Espinosa, and two adolescent daughters: Sofia and Rebeca.