At Nancy Moseley Elementary School our motto is "Together is Better." We are a nurturing and supportive school in the Pleasant Grove area of Dallas with a commitment to preparing every child for college. Moseley provides a challenging curriculum for prekindergarten through sixth grade, a safe and secure learning environment, a variety of extracurricular programs, and positive support systems for families.
    At Nancy Moseley Elementary School, the keyword is "progress". In order to ensure that every student is given the support needed to be successful, we have enhanced enrichment activities in our after-school program.
    Every child at Nancy Moseley Elementary school is a work in progress. We have wonderful teachers to build strong foundations for every child enrolled in our school.
    Nancy Moseley Elementary School was recognized for the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years.
    Nancy Moseley Elementary School was named for the first elementary school supervisor in Dallas County, who also taught teacher education classes at Southern Methodist University. Moseley devoted her life to the education of elementary school students.