Arrival/ Dismissal



    School Property



    ·        Listen to teacher and peers.

    ·        Take care of class materials

    ·        Follow instructions the first time.

    ·        Use appropriate language, tone, and facial expressions





    Keep hands off of walls and bulletin boards.

    Keep hands to yourself, by your side, or behind your back.

    Be quiet

    Do not bother your neighbors.

    ·        Use table manners

    ·        Keep hands, feet, objects, and food to yourself

    ·        Follow teacher’s directions

    ·        Use appropriate language

    ·        Respect personal space when interacting with others

    ·        Take care of school property (books, equipment, supplies.

    ·        Do not write on school walls or property

    ·        Keep hands off decorations and bulletin boards.

    ·        Keep floors clean at all times.

    ·        Sit with back to back of seat and bottom to bottom.

    ·        Eyes on presenter at all times and listening.

    ·        Refrain from side conversations.



    ·        Take turns (centers, pair talk, restroom, using materials)

    ·        Put things in their appropriate place.

    ·        Use hands signals for emergency situations



    ·        All students walk quietly in a single file line facing forward.

    ·        K-2 Scholar position (1 finger over their lips and hands behind their back.)

    ·        3-5 Scholar position(hands to their side)

    ·        All students walk 2 squares away from the wall with one square between each



    ·        Students face forward

    ·        Sit up straight

    ·        Hold your backpack; show your number

    ·        All items are to stay in the backpack.

    ·        1st 15 min-quietly eat

    ·        2nd 15 min-inside voices

    ·        Scholar position in lines.

    ·        Use school approved playground equipment

    ·        Horse play will not be allowed.

    ·        Include everone who wants to play.

    ·        Stay in authorized areas.

    ·        .Return items to their proper space.

    ·        Report wrongdoing.

    ·        Follow the protocol of the type of assembly.

    ·        Appropriate responses at the correct time.

    ·        Entrance procedures is the same as hallway procedures

    ·        Exit rear to front, follow hallway procedure.



    ·        Work hard

    ·        Be kind, polite and positive daily

    ·        Make smart choices.




    ·        Students are quiet, positive and cooperative with hallway procedures.


    ·        Be positive and polite

    ·        .Speak politely (please and thank you)

    ·        Settle differences peacefully amongst yourselves

    ·        Have self-control and be a good sport.

    ·        Take ownership for your actions when redirected by an adult.

    ·        Speak out when you see wrongdoing.

    ·        Be a leader and set an example.

    ·        Be polite

    ·        Be engaged with the presenter

    ·        Display high expectations of excellence.


    ·        Come prepared and on time daily.

    ·        Complete all assignments neatly and correctly.

    ·        Take care of personal and school property

    ·        Take ownership of your actions




    ·        Students are responsible for following all hallway procedures.

    ·        Be an active listener

    ·        Listen for your number

    ·        Leave the gym promptly.

    ·        Keep area clean

    ·        Ask for permission to get up from the table

    ·        Dispose of all trash prior to leaving the cafeteria.

    ·        Be aware of others to avoid injuries.

    ·        Dress appropriately for outdoor play.

    ·        Be responsible for your own items (lunch kit, book, jacket etc.)

    ·        Pick up trash

    ·        Help prevent vandalism

    ·        Respond quickly when redirected

    ·        Students will display theater etiquette at all times.