Patriot Nation News


  • The journalism directors and students have worked really hard to revive/revamp both "The Document" (school yearbook) and "The Reveille" (newspaper). We successfully met all deadlines for these publications. TJ's school website is also maintained through the journalism department.


    Our goal this year for the newspaper was to incorportate not only Patriot Nation News, but local, national, and global news as well. See "The Reveille" tab to the left for our published work. We have some fantastic students in our newsroom that can write a juicy story like no other!


    We believe our yearbook has become better and better with each passing year (thanks to advancing technology at our disposal). More and more artistic students have joined the program, and they clearly have an eye for layout, design, and photography.


    Our goal in the years to come is to not only continue the tradition of "The Reveille," but to try our hand in actual broadcasting of the school news and campus announcements via video or podcast. 


    Patriot Nation News is a newly expanded program, consisting of a monthly newspaper "The Reveille," our yearbook "The Document," various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and a Photojournalism Department starting 2018-2019 school year. Department heads are Tyler Smith and Vanessa Melvin.