• W.T.White High School Clubs & Organizations  2019-2020

    Key Club - Advisor: Ms. Reyes, MeaReyes@dallasisd.org
    Key Club is service program for high school students. It is a student-led organization whose goal is to teach leadership through helping.

    Gay Straight Alliance - Advisor: Mr. Ammon NAmmon@dallasisd.org
    The purpose of the GSA Alliance is to provide a safe and healthy environment for discussions involving, but not limited to, the GSA community, health, relationships, personal issues as well as an opportunity for bonding experiences for similar persons. All members are welcome.

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Advisor: Mr. Jackson Alvjackson@dallasisd.org
    Students incorporate, the word of God into athletics.

    Robotics Team -Advisors: Mr. Henderson PHenderson@dallasisd.org
    Our mission is to inspire future engineers to be STEM leaders by engaging students in exciting robotics competitions like BEST sponsored by TI. The Team inspires innovation and fosters life capabilities including self-confidence, communication and leadership.

    WTW Game Club - Advisor: MsLeNeveu,WLeneveu@dallasisd.org
    The WTW Game Club is a safe and fun environment for students to socialize based on their hobby or playing games. Students will have the opportunity to play and discuss card games, board games, and multiplayer video games. Members will also have the chance to learn various gaming strategies to better their chances at winning. We currently have an existing Yu-Gi-Oh tournament thanks to the Dallas Public Library and hope to include others.

    Mythology Club - Advisor: Ms. Sheehan-Rolong SSheehanRolong@dallasisd.org
    The Mythology Club is for any and all students interested in studying and discussing ancient and modern mythologies. Members will take an in depth look at different mythologies as they appear in literature, art, music, film, and modern culture.

    Art Club - Advisor: Ms. N. Beltran NoBeltran@dallasisd.org and Mr. Ray, Bray@dallasisd.org
    The W.T. White Art Club is open to all students on campus that have an interest in the visual arts. From working on enhancing artistic skills to engaging with the community, the Art Club focuses on exposing students to art outside of a classroom environment.

    Manga, Anime, and Comics Club- Advisor: Mr. Ammon NAmmon@dallasisd.org
    Students will discuss, share, enjoy and learn about the Japanese culture through manga and anime. This year will also include American comics.

    Career & Leadership Organizations

    Business Professionals of America (BPA) - Advisors: Ms. Syverson BSyverson@dallasisd.org and Ms. Woodard SWood041@dallasisd.org
    Business Professionals of America is a group of students who learn all year how to be skilled and successful business men and women. This program integrates both classroom instruction with internships pertaining to the student’s field of interest. The students get real hands-on experience in the corporate world while learning current business and technological skills in the classroom.

    Distributive Education Clubs of America (D.E.C.A.) - Advisor: Ms. Palmer REPALMER@dallasisd.org
    DECA is a co-curricular national high school program designed to prepare future leaders in the career clusters of business administration and management, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, sales and service, and hospitality and tourism.

    Family, Community, and Career Leaders of America (FCCLA) - Advisor: Ms. Smith LETISASMITH @dallasisd.org
    FCCLA is the only in-school student organization with the family as its central focus. FCCLA is a career and technical student organization that provides opportunities for active student participation at local, state and national levels. 

    Academic Competition Organizations

    Academic Decathlon (ACADEC) - Advisor: Mr. Volkmar DVolkmar@dallasisd.org
    ACADEC is a nationally recognized, intellectually competitive and fun academic team competition designed to include students from all academic backgrounds.

    Debate - Advisor: Ms. Karla Lainez, KLainez@dallasisd.org Debate is not like other team sports or activities. You will work with a partner, of your choosing, as a two-person team. You will compete at debate tournaments during the year where you will generally compete in five “rounds.” Each round consists of two, two-person teams from different schools debating in front of a judge. It is a competition class so students must be willing and able to attend at least five 2 day tournaments throughout the year.

    Mock Trial – Advisor: Ms. Karla Lainez, KLainez@dallasisd.org Mock Trial is the perfect opportunity for students to learn the inner workings of our court system. Each year DISD students are presented with a criminal or civil case. The parts are prosecutor, defense attorney, accused and witnesses for both sides. We have the trials in the George Allen Courts Building using actual judge’s courtrooms. This is a great opportunity for students in grades 9-12. Please see Mrs. Ferguson about getting your child’s schedule changed to 7th period debate in order to participate.

    Academic Service Organizations

    International Thespian Society Troupe 1117 - Advisor: Mr. Edgin REdgin@dallasisd.org
    The International Thespian Society is the only organization to honor secondary school students for outstanding work in Theatre. Thespian membership is granted for performance of meritorious work in theatre arts which meets the Society’s general guidelines. Any student who has participated in at least two productions for a total of one hundred hours of work is eligible for Thespian Society membership.

    Mu Alpha Theta - Advisor: Mr. Meyer, JohMeyer@dallasisd.org
    Mu Alpha Theta is the National Mathematics Honor Society. Students have to have an 85 average or higher in Mathematics with Pre-Calculus or above.

    National Honor Society (NHS) -Advisor: Ms. Ross AngRoss@dallasisd.org
    The National Honor Society is a recognition program for high school students who have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. NHS members are identified by their academic accomplishment and are then challenged to develop themselves further through active involvement in school activities and community service.

    Spanish Honor Society (SHS) - Advisor: Mr. Gonzalez AlGonzalez@dallasisd.org SHS recognizes the high achievement of high school students in Spanish and promotes a continuing interest in Hispanic Studies. Students must have completed three semesters of Spanish, a 3.0 GPA, and an 85 average in Spanish.

    French Honor Society – Advisor: Ms. Diea AnDiea@dallasisd.org The French Honor society members provide academic support to other students. They participate in activities to promote their knowledge of the French language and culture. Students must have completed two semesters of French with an average of 90 in French.

    Academic/Leardership Organizations


    Hoofbeat - Advisor: Ms. Dunlap HHinds@dallasisd.org
    The Hoofbeat is WT White’s student newspaper. The writing and photography is all done by students and for students. The newspaper will be distributed periodically throughout the school year.

    JROTC - Advisor: Maj Nebyou Yonas NYonas@dallasisd.org, MGySgt Donelson SDonelson@dallasisd.org
    Besides participating in 6-8 drill meets a year, our JROTC program devotes over 1200 hours of community service, marches in the Veterans' Day parade, furnishes numerous color guards for different civic groups and attends several youth leadership camps throughout the year

    Longhorn Book Club - Advisor: Ms. Reitmeyer, BReitmeyer@dallasisd.org
    In the Longhorn Book Club, we read and discuss all kinds of books. We participate in book-related charities (book drives, etc.) and go on reading-related field trips. Basically, if books are involved, then so are we! Anyone who likes reading and having a good time is welcome to join us

    SAGA - Advisor: Ms. Syverson BSyverson@dallasisd.org
    SAGA is the school yearbook. Students create and produce the yearbook and sell it throughout the year. The staff is chosen among the students who try-out in the spring for the following year. 

    Leadership Opportunities

    Executive Boards - Advisor: Cathy Hodge CHodge@dallasisd.org
    Representatives from each class raise focus on fundraising for their respective classes. The Board also is in charge of their class philanthropy.

    Student Council - Advisors: Mr. Smith FraSmith@dallasisd.org, Ms. Viehman PViehman@dallasisd.org  
    Representatives from each class play a vital role of Student Congress, the school’s student government organization.

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