• BTW Jaasiel Huerta

     Biology Instructor

     Huerta                                           Email: jaahuerta@dallasisd.org
                                                Location: Room 370
                                                Phone: 972-925-1280
                                                Courses: Biology Pre-AP
                                                Committee:  LULAC, Jewish Student Council                                       
    Miss Huerta has been mentoring and teaching in nonprofit settings for 15 years. Her passion for teaching began at a very young age. She became interested in healthcare and the nonprofit world when teaching HIV/AIDS awareness in Africa during her college years.
    Ms. Huerta holds a  Bachelor of Science in Biology (PreMed) in 2006. Since then, she has actively participated in teacher training and curriculum shaping for international schools and joyfully mentored youth from all over the world. 
    She has a passion for cultures, generational research, technology integration and education and mentoring. She also loves food, books and considers herself a life-long student.