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     Parent Involvement


    Parent involvement is crucial to the health and well-being of a child. As a parent, you are the most inportant influence in your child's success in school and in life. In this role, you have an opportunity every day to get involved with your child. Parent involvement in children's education allows kids to perform better in school and navigate easily through some of the challenges of growing up.

    There are many ways for parents and students to get involved with their school and community.

    Campus Parent Involvment:

    • PTA
    • SBDM
    • Segofest
    • School Volunteer


    Three Things Parents Must Do:

    • Make sure your child get to school on time, every day.
    • Help your child with his or her homework.
    • Make sure your child reads at home every night.
    Tres Cosas que los Padres Deben Hacer:
    • Asegúrese de que su hijo(a) llegue a tiempo todos los días. 
    • Apoye a su hijo(a) con su tarea.
    • Asegúrese de que su hijo(a) lea en casa todas las noches.